How to Get The Most Out of a Styled Shoot


Behind the scenes of photographers at a styled shoot

Styled shoots can be so incredibly beneficial to your business if properly taken advantage of. After years of hosting and attending them ourselves, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to be prepared and get the most out of any styled shoot you attend.

Prepare Like it’s a Real Wedding Day

Our number one tip will forever be to prepare for the styled shoot like it’s a real wedding day. If you treat it like a real wedding, there will be fewer chances that you’re going to be unorganized the next day.

  • Charge all of your batteries the night before.
  • Clear off memory cards or have new ones.
  • Make sure you have everything you could need (and backups) in your bag/case.
  • Get a good night’s sleep (even though styled shoots are only a few hours long – they can still be exhausting).
  • Review all the details the night before.
  • Pack and bring snacks.

Be On Time to the Styled Shoot

Styled shoots usually have to be pretty strict on time because they’ve likely rented a space/venue by the hour. At our styled shoots (and everyone we’ve ever attended) we have to be pretty strict on the start time. We do that to ensure that everyone gets the proper amount of time to shoot each setup. We highly suggest planning accordingly and checking traffic prior. Arriving early and waiting a bit will always be a better option than missing some of the shoot.

Take Lots of Detail Shots

Our shoots always have all of the details set up in the 15min prior to the shoot. We always allow attendees to arrive 15min prior to to get set up and ready. So if you’re one of the early birds you end up having extra time for flat lays and details. Photographing details not only helps fill in a gallery but planners and vendors love having good detail shots. So showing that you’re good at taking them in your portfolio can be incredibly beneficial.

Be Sure to Get a Variety of Shots During Each Styled Shoot

Styled shoots are the perfect time to experiment with new poses or different angles. We LOVE playing around with new poses we want to try out during styled shoots. It’s also fun because at a styled shoot, you don’t always have the “best” position for a pose so it allows you the freedom to try different angles that you wouldn’t normally try.

Work on Creating a Full Gallery

It is very possible to get a full gallery out of a styled shoot, it just takes a different mindset going in. We go into every shoot treating it like it’s a full wedding day, so rather than taking lots of photos of the couple posing, we try to get movement. We set up faux first looks, or have them exchange rings, or read vows, we always try and move the couple away from the table set up or ceremony set up because on a real wedding day, having photos in front of those doesn’t typically happen.

Be Respectful

This should be an obvious one, but be respectful to everyone around you, including the models. It’s a much better experience for everyone around you (and yourself) if you’re willing to work with the other attendees.

Ready to attend a styled shoot and put all of these tips to use? Check out our upcoming styled shoots here.

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