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Our Detail Bags and Why We LOVE Them.

December 21, 2022


If you have been to any of our workshops or content events you’ve probably seen us carrying around these black square bags for of all of our things for details.

We absolutely LOVE starting any elopement or wedding day off with detail shots.

Any styled shoot (wedding or elopement) we set up we always want our attendees to get the most out of it and one of the ways we do is by making sure you can get a full gallery out of it! So we start with details and go all the way to “ bride & groom portraits.“ We always let our attendees know that if you take full advantage of this you can blog each shoot as a full elopement, like how awesome is that?!

Elopement details in Oregon

Now the big question is- WHAT DO WE KEEP IN OUR DETAILS BAGS?

  • Chiffon ribbon (we get all different colors to match with each wedding!).
  • Dried florals (or left over florals from the bouquet!).
  • Cotton rounds/ clear acrylic squares (these help give different dimensions in your flat lays).
  • Ring boxes, literally so many different colors, shapes and sizes to choose from!
  • Mounting Putty (these are great for windy days and for when invites won’t stay put!).
  • Wax Stamps (we made some wax stamps and just have these for a little extra something to add to details).
  • Extra dishes + trays (for setting jewelry or accessories in).
  • Stamps (lots of cool looking stamps out there).

The great thing about details is that you can get SO creative with them. Even if your couple forgets to bring their invites you can always use the dress, the train of her dress, florals from their big day, shoes. earrings, literally anything that is special/part of their day. No matter how minimal or how extravagant they are, they’re going to be beautiful and it’s such a special way to capture the little things that are important to them for their day!

Below are some links to get your details kit started:

Up close detail photo of wedding shoes

Here for community, not competition?

See where we are roaming next!


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