Why Attending Styled Shoots Can Be Beneficial For Your Business


I’m sure we’ve all heard the term “dream clients”. It’s a term that is defined differently by everyone! Booking dream clients is likely a huge goal for everyone.

While photographers who have been in the game longer are likely booking clients that they fully align with, when you’re starting out that’s much more difficult. I mean hey, we all started somewhere, right?!

I know when we first started photography we weren’t necessarily booking our dream clients so attending styled shoots really helped us with this.

Regardless of if you’re newer to the photography world or if you’re a seasoned photographer, finding out what kind of photography you want to be shooting, if the first step when it comes to deciding what styled shoot you want to attend. Are you wanting to get into weddings? Elopements? Families? Boudoir? There are so many options but narrowing down your niche is the first step.

Now that you have narrowed down what you want to be shooting you can start looking at styled shoots being hosted in your area (or even traveling for one and getting content in a state/ city you want to be shooting in!). Luckily, there are SO MANY of them going on and the great thing about it is they are all different kinds of styles so you can go to one that you think will suit your business best.

You’ll get loads of content from styled shoots (and if you take advantage of our shoots you truly can get full galleries out of them). Having content that speaks to your brand and your dream clients help you create a portfolio that truly screams “you”!

We were always so nervous to attend styled shoots at first, we know it can be scary at first! But

Don’t let that stop you! You truly won’t regret it. and you’ll come out with some amazing content & some new friends!

Now let’s talk about why they are beneficial for your biz!

  • Styled shoots can help you start getting those dream clients you’ve always wanted (make sure you are attending styled shoots that are your style!).
  • If you’re wanting to start shooting in locations other than your hometown, attending shoots in those areas is really beneficial.
  • You can get vendor connections in the area of the shoot!
  • You can potentially shoot at a venue that you’ve been wanting to add to to your portfolio!
  • You can try out new poses and new shooting techniques vs trying to do that with paying clients.
  • You can practice on how posing a couple on an elopement/ wedding day will actually be without the stress of it being the actual elopement/wedding day.
  • Not used to shooting in harsh light? Some styled shoots are planned around this time frame and are one way to practice with harsh light!
  • YOU CAN BE CREATIVE AS HECK (trying out new poses, new techniques, lens, cameras, etc!).

The list can go on forever but these are some of our favorite reasons!

We hosts styled shoots all across the country, check out what we have planned here!

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