5 Reasons Why You Should Attend One of Our Retreats


For starters, we’re so incredibly honored that you’re considering coming to one of our workshops /retreats. Truly. We know there are SO many out there and the fact that you’ve landed on ours means so much.

Our biggest goal for every retreat/workshop is that you walk away from this experience with not only content + knowledge, but new friendships too. The photography community can be an incredibly difficult place to make genuine friendships, so we really try to foster a space where you can build a community rather than look at other photographers as just your “competition”.

SO, let’s dive into the 5 reasons we think you should come to one of our retreats!

1. You’ll get a LOT of content.

One of the most important (and most exciting parts) of a retreat or workshop is always the content that you get to walk away with! We always make sure that we have at good mixture of shoots, ranging from elopements, to micro weddings, to couples sessions.

Whenever possible, we always try to set up two shoots at once, to make sure that our attendees can be split into two smaller groups to guarantee that you are able to get the shots you want. This allows you to make sure you get the center shot and have time to pose the couple the way you want.

All of our couples are always real + in love to ensure you can capture real emotions.

2. You can create full galleries, nothing that screams “styled shoot”.

We don’t know about you, but sometimes, we want to use galleries from workshops and styled shoots as a real gallery. It’s not a secret that they key to booking content in destination locations – is to show you’ve been there and shot in these locations, which is why we set every shoot up in a way that it can provide a full gallery.

Now, this is fully up to you to take advantage of it, but every elopement will be a “full day”. We have a matching invitation suite (we set up a full flat lay), an opportunity to get details of the dress hanging and the bride getting her HMU done, the couple getting ready together, the option to do a “ceremony” (we provide vow books), portraits of the bride and groom separately, as well as plenty of time for portraits of the couple together.

3. You’ll get to learn in a comfortable environment.

Education is obviously an incredibly important part of a retreat, but it can also be a bit stressful as an attendee coming in. For starters, we always send a completely google doc of all of our notes from education so you can be fully present while we’re teaching and don’t have to worry about trying to take notes.

We also try and set education up in a way that we as the teachers don’t seem or feel “superior” to any of our attendees. While you are at our retreat to learn from us, we truly believe that everyone has room to grow, so we always encourage the attendees to participate in the education sessions as well.

4. You get to travel AND get destination content.

We set up our retreats in locations that are popular places for destination weddings or elopements. Like we said above, you need content in the locations you want to shoot at to be able to start booking in those locations.

We always try our hardest to do shoots at well known/recognizable/tag-gable locations to help you grow. For instance, our last retreat in Oregon we shot at Smith Rock State Park, Crater Lake National Park and Cannon Beach, arguably the three most recognizable locations in the state.

We will then teach you HOW to market yourself using the content you’re creating at the workshop/retreat to start booking destination clients in the said location.

5. Friends for LIFE.

Community over Competition is the most important thing to us. We create a Facebook group prior to the workshop/retreat where all the attendees can start getting to know each other, and then at the during the workshop/retreat we make sure to plan time for us to all hang out and truly get to know each other and bond.

We’ve seen so many amazing friendships come out of our past workshops/retreats and it makes us happier than we can ever describe.

Here for community, not competition?

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We're two besties who met at a retreat in 2020 on the hunt for a community of supportive photographers. After not finding it at that retreat - we started The Roam Collective Co.


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